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VOLUME 18 2008 No 1&2

Previous Edition of the Review - 2008 Vol 18 No 1&2 (Full PDF)
 Samantha Hardy

General Articles

21st Century Climate for Change: Curriculum Design for Quality Learning Engagement in Law
Sally Kift

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Research Assessment and Legal Scholarship
Christopher Arup

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? Legal Positivism and Legal Education
John R Morss

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Jurisprudence Meets Epistemology: Facilitating Legal Understanding and Meaningful Learning in Legal Education with Concept Maps
Heather Ann Forrest

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Performance In Law Schools: What Matters In The Beginning?
Wendy Larcombe, Pip Nicholson and Ian Malkin

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Lawyer Dissatisfaction, Emotional Intelligence and Clinical Legal Education
Colin James

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Practice Articles

Blended Learning in Intellectual Property: The Best of Both Worlds
Jennifer Ireland

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Teaching About the Nexus Between Law and Society: From Pedagogy to Andragogy
Patricia Easteal

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

New Challenges in Legal Education: Developing an Appropriate Response to the Issue of Student Workload
Anne Macduff and Lynn Du Moulin

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Bringing the Court and Mediation Room Into the Classroom
Jacqueline Horan and Michelle Taylor-Sands

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII