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VOLUME 19 2009 No 1&2

Previous Edition of the Review - 2009 Vol 19 No 1&2 (Full PDF)

 Michelle Sanson

General Articles

Law Students' Attitudes to Education: Pointers to Depression in the Legal Academy and the Profession? 
Massimiliano Tani and Prue Vines

    Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Beyond Mooting: Designing an Advocacy, Ethics and Values Matrix for the Law School Curriculum 
Bobbette Wolski

    Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Engaging with the World: Students of Comparative Law Write for Wikipedia

Normann Witzleb

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

The Travails of Postgraduate Research in Law 
Arlie Loughman and Rita Shackel

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF

The Modification of Assessment Task Dimensions in Support of Student Progression in Legal Skills Development 
Claire Hughes

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Have we 'Pushed the Boat Out Too Far' in Providing Online Practical Legal Training? A Guide to Best Practices for Future Programs 
Gaye T Lansdell

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Assessing Reflection Skills in Law Using Criterion-Referenced Assessment
Kelley Burton and Judith McNamara

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

The Relevance of the Social Sciences for Legal Education 
Timothy J Berard

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Mentoring First Year Distance Education Students in Taxation Studies
Fiona Martin, Kate Collier and Shirley Carlon

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Special Topic Issue - Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in the Law Curriculum

International and Comparative Indigenous Rights Via Video Conferencing
Margaret Stephenson, Bradford Morse, Lindsay Robertson, Melissa Castan, David Yarrow and Ruth Thompson

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Indigenous Legal Issues, Indigenous Perspectives and Indigenous Law in the New Zealand LLB Curriculum 
Carwyn Jones

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Finding an Indigenous Perspective in Administrative Law

Alexander Reilly 

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Indigenous Property Matters: Embedding Indigenous Content and Perspectives in Real Property 
Nicole Graham

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII