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VOLUME 20 (2010) No 1&2.

    Previous Edition of the Review - Vol 20 2010 No 1&2 (Full PDF)

Michelle Sanson


Early Optimism? Frist-Year Law Students' Expectations and Aspirations.
Melissa Castan, Jeannie Paterson, Paul Richardson, Helen Watt and Maryanne Dever

Abstract     Full text:    PDF  
  RTF     AustLII

If You Teach It, Will They Come? Law Students, Class Attendance and Student Engagement.
Lillian Corbin, Kylie Burns and April Chrzanowski

    Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Enhancing Law Student Learning - The Nurturing Teacher.
Nikki Bromberger

   Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Entry Into Valhalla: Contextualising The Learning of Legal Ethics Through Use of Second Life Machinima.

Des Butler

    Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

The Teaching of Construction Law and the Practice of Construction Law: Never the Twain Shall Meet?
Paula Gerber

     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

Teaching Causation in Criminal Law: Learning to Think Like Policy Analysts.
Brenda Midson

Abstract     Full text:   PDF   RFT     AustLII

Mooting and Technology: To What Extent Does Using Technology Improve the Mooting Experience for Students?
Jennifer Yule, Judith McNamara and Mark Thomas

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

The Rocky Rhetoric and Hard Reality: The Academic's Dilemma Surrounding Assessment.
Pauline Collins, Toni Brackin and Caroline Hart

Abstract     Full text:   PDF   
 RTF     AustLII

Imaginings of Legal Education in New Zealand Fiction.
Grant Morris and Kimberley Lewis

Abstract     Full text:   PDF     RTF     AustLII

E-Learning and Students' Motivation.
Marina Nehme

Abstract     Full text:  
PDF   RTF     AustLII