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VOLUME 23 (2013) No 1&2.

 Previous Edition of the Review - Vol 23 2013 No 1&2 (Full PDF)


Nick James

Teaching Legal Ethics and Professionalism in a South Pacific Context
Carolyn Penfold
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   AustLII  

Invoking Cultural Awareness Through Teaching Indigenous Issues in Criminal Law and Procedure
Thalia Anthony and Melanie Schwartz
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   AustLII

Incorporating Indigenous Cultural Competency Through the Broader Law Curriculum
Asmi Wood
 Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

A New Legal Ethics Education Paradigm: Culture and Values in International Arbitration
Magdalene D'Silva
 Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

Equipping Students for the Real World: Using a Scaffolded Experiential Approach to Teach the Skill of Legal Drafting
Tammy Johnson and Francina Cantatore
 Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

Transition from Legal Education to Practice: Extra-Curricular Competitions offer the Missing Link
Madeleine Fraser, Joanna MacKenzie, David Wiesbrot and Wesley Tan
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

Matched versus Episodic Mentoring: The Processes and Outcomes for Law School Students Engaged in Professional Mentoring
Eileen S Johnson, Amy Timmer, Dawn E Chandler and Charles R Toy
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

Reading Law: Motivating Digital Natives to ‘Do the Reading’
Liesel Spencer and Elen Seymour
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

E-Learning in Australian Law Schools
Stephen Colbran and Anthony Gilding
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII


The Past, Present and Future of Critical Legal Education
in Australia

Mary Heath & Peter Burdon

‘Selling the Dream’: Law School Branding and the Illusion of Choice
Margaret Thornton and Lucinda Shannon
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

A Dangerous Cult: Response to ‘The Effect of the Market on Legal Education’
Paula Baron
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

Audit Culture: Why Law Journals are Ranked and What Impact This Has on the Discipline of Law Today
Kathy Bowrey
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

They Make a Desert and Call it Peace
Frank Carrigan
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

Critical Thinking in Legal Education: Our Journey
Gabrielle Appleby, Peter Burdon and Alexander Reilly
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII

Academic Resistance to the Neoliberal University
Mary Heath and Peter D Burdon
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF    AustLII