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VOLUME 25 (2015) No 1&2.

 Abstracts of the Latest publication of the Review - 2015 Vol 25 
can be accessed below.  To purchase
a full copy of Volume 25 as either a PDF or hard copy please click here,  or contact admin@ler.edu.au

2015 Vol 25 No 1


Nick James
Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Capstones as Transitional Experiences
Judith McNamara, Rachael Field, Sandra Coe, Des Butler, Catherine Brown and Sally Kift
Abstract    Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Law Student Mental Health Literacy and Distress: Finances, Accommodation and Travel Time
Nerissa Soh, Fiona Burns, Rita Shackel, Bruce Robinson, Michael Robertson and Garry Walter
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Law Journals: From Discourse to Pedagogy
Ilija Vickovich
 Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Indigenisation of Curricula: Current Teaching Practices in Law
Amy Maguire and Tamara Young
 Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Towards a Pedagogy of the Integration of Clinical Legal Education Within The Law Curriculum: Using De-Identified Clinic Files Within Tutorial Programs
Rachel Spencer and Matthew Atkinson
 Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Boosting Law Graduate Employability: Using a Pro Bono Teaching Clinic to Facilitate Experiential Learning in Commercial Law Subjects
Francina Cantatore
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

'Favourable Variations': Towards a Refreshed Approach for the Interviewing Classroom
Jane Ching
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

More Than the Rules: Using Pleading Drafting to Develop Lawyering and Transferable Skills
Kate Curnow
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Using Transactional and Experiential Techniques to Teach Corporations Law
Andrew Godwin
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Legal Education, Legal Practice and Ethics
Maria Nicolae
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Developing an Animal Law Case Book: Knowledge Transfer and Service Learning from Student-Generated Materials
Sophie Riley
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Law Schools and the Market for International Postgraduate Students
Peter Devonshire
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

2015 Vol 25 No 2


Gabrielle Appleby, Alexander Reilly and Sean Brennan
Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Teaching Public Law: Content, Context and Coherence
Graeme Orr
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Breadth, Depth and Form? Pitching Constitutional Law Content in the Classroom
Sarah Murray
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF   

Extending Public Law: Digital Engagement, Education and Academic Identity
Melissa Castan and Kate Galloway
Abstract  Full text:    PDF     RTF