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The Editorial Committee consists of the Editor-in-Chief,
the Associate Editor, the Executive Editor and five or more other members.


Ms Kate Galloway

Faculty of Law
Bond University

Executive Editor

Professor Nick James

Faculty of Law
Bond University

Associate Editor

Dr Natalie Skead

UWA Law School
University of Western Australia




Ms Sonya Willis
Macquarie Law School
Macquarie University


Dr Allan Chay
Faculty of Law
Queensland University of Technology


Dr Matthew Ball
Faculty of Law
Queensland University Of Technology


Dr Kristoffer Greaves
Assistant Director, Learning Design
College of Law Australia


Ms Anne Hewitt
School of Law
The University of Adelaide


Professor Alex Steel
Scientia Education Fellow
Faculty of Law
University of New South Wales


Dr Kelley Burton
USC Law School
University of the Sunshine Coast


Ms Anne Macduff
ANU College of Law
Australian National University



Editorial Committee members:

  • provide written opinions on whether each new submission should be rejected, resubmitted, or sent to referees; and
  • participate in the three Editorial Committee meetings held each year, providing their input on agenda items.
All Editorial Committee members other than the Editor-in-Chief are expected to serve as Consulting Editor on one or two articles in each volume. A Consulting Editor:
  • advises the Editorial Committee about the author’s resubmission (if any) of the article;
  • identifies and approaches appropriate referees for the article;
  • reviews the referees’ feedback on the article, and conveys that feedback to the author;
  • advises the Editorial Committee about the author’s response to the referees’ feedback;
  • works with the author to finalise the article for publication; and
  • assists with final proofreading of the article.
Members of the Editorial Committee may also be asked from time to time to take on additional tasks such as monitoring the LER website or reviewing a policy.
Any person wishing to express interest in becoming a member of the Editorial Committee is encouraged to contact the LER at admin@ler.edu.au.


Current Members:
Professor Michael Adams (Western Sydney University)
Professor David Barker AM (University of Technology, Sydney)
Professor Larissa Behrendt (University of Technology, Sydney)
Professor Des Butler (Queensland University of Technology)
Professor Michael Coper (Australian National University)
Mr Nigel Duncan (City University, London)
Professor John Farrar (Bond University)
Associate Professor Terry Hutchinson (Queensland University of Technology)
Professor Richard Johnstone (Griffith University)
Professor Sally Kift (James Cook University)
The Honourable Mr Michael Kirby AC CMG
Associate Professor Wendy Larcombe (University of Melbourne)
Professor Erica McWilliam (Queensland University of Technology)
Professor Carl Monk (Washburn University)
The Honourable Justice Marcia Neave (Monash University)
Dr W Wesley Pue (University of British Columbia)
Associate Professor Simon Rice OAM (Australian National University)
Dr Michelle Sanson (Western Sydney University)
Professor Elizabeth Sheehy (University of Ottawa)
Professor William Twining (University College, London)
Professor David Weisbrot AM (University of Sydney)

Previous Members:
(as they were)
Ms Lyndal Taylor (University of Technology, Sydney)
Professor Tony Blackshield (Macquarie University)
Professor Enid Campbell (Monash University)
Emeritus Professor Roger Cramton (Cornell University)
Professor Neil Gold (University of Windsor)
Mr Ian Macduff (Victoria University, Wellington)
Ms Annette Marfording
Professor John McLaren (University of Victoria)
Professor Sir Neil MacCormick (University of Edinburgh)
Professor Colin Phegan (University of Sydney)
Mr Terence Purcell (
Allied Legal Management Services P/L)
Professor John Wade (Bond University)


Previous Editorial Committee Members
(as they were)

Dr Michelle Sanson
Professor Lee Godden
Dr Terry Hutchinson

Dr Samantha Hardy

Professor Paul Moyle
Mr Jeffrey Barnes
Professor Graeme Cooper
Emeritus Professor Judge Jack Goldring
Professor Andrew Goldsmith
Professor Richard Johnstone
Professor Marlene Le Brun
Professor Kathy Mack
Ms Annette Marfording
Ms Michelle Slater
Assoc Professor Nan Seuffert
Ms Lyndal Taylor
Associate Professor Rosemary Tobin
Professor John Wade
Ms Lisa Westcott
Ms Penelope Watson
Professor Patrick Keyzer

Associate Editors:
Ms Suzanne Garland
Ms Krysanne Katsoulis
Ms Nicola Nygh
Mr Hau Wang
Mr Frank Zumbo

Editorial Assistance:
Mr Andrew Mitchell

Guest Editors:
Vol 6(2)
Ms Margaret Davies
Ms Bronwyn Naylor
Ms Anne Orford
Ms Dianne Otto

Previous Business Editor:
Professor Christopher Roper