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To make a submission go to http://epublications.bond.edu.au/ler/ and click on ‘Submit Article’ in the right hand menu bar.

The Review prefers that all papers are  written  in  3rd  person,  that gender-inclusive language is used, that  words  and  phrases  in languages other than English are used  only  when  necessary  and
that  translations  are  included.

Citation is strictly according to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) 3
Ed (click here). Any submissions  not  complying  with
the AGLC 3rd Edition  will  not  be accepted. All citations must be in footnotes.

A bibliography is not required.

An  abstract  should be provided when  you  submit  your  article
(100-200 words).

There is no specific word limit for articles. However, published articles are typically in the range of 4,000-10,000 words.

The  Review follows a double-blind  refereeing  process  and authors  should not refer to their own  work in a way that identifies them  to  referees.

It  is our policy to  upload  articles from  previous  volumes  to  the ALTA  Law Research Series (ALRS). Authors  may object, and  their article  will  be  removed accordingly.

All  articles  submitted to  the Review should:

(1) be an original and  scholarly  analysis and evaluation of a legal education topic;  and
(2) demonstrate awareness of and familiarity with contemporary legal education scholarship by including references  to   the   relevant literature  (in  the  AGLC style).

Where the topic of the article is an  innovative  approach  to teaching law,  the  article  should  include details of: (1) the  justification  for  the approach; (2) scholarly support for the approach; (3) an objective evaluation  of  the  approach; and
(4) the practical implications of the approach.



The Review uses two 'blind' referees for every submission.

Referees   are  asked   to provide   their   comments approximately  one  month after receiving the submission allocated  to  them.

Referees  should  use  track changes in Microsoft Word
if they  wish to  make  any changes  to  the  author's submission.  The  Review promises  to  maintain the confidentiality  of  referees.

Once referees have made their   comments,   they
should   indicate  whether 
the   submission  should (1) proceed  immediately  to publication, (2) be returned to the author for amendment prior to publication or (3) not be  published  in  its  current form. If the  referee indicates that   the  submission  needs amending, they should also indicate   whether  or  not
they  want  to  referee  the resubmission.

Thank you to all our referees for their contribution to the Review. Our authors greatly benefit from your expertise.

The Review is an accepted refereed journal under the Australian  Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

Click here
to see the DEEWR Register of Refereed Journals.